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Human Figures for Scale

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Miniature Landscapes Precedents

Rima Das
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Day 1: Miniature Landscapes

Rima Das

Today we are going to explore scale, or how things look and work, from the perspective of someone very small. You will be able to put yourself in the shoes of tiny people and creatures and create their world using things from our own world. What would a paper clip look like to someone half its size? What would they use it for? How would they arrange it? 

You will create a world for miniature figurines, and you can use and modify any other materials you can find at home to create miniature dioramas! You can view the precedents gallery for inspiration! 


  1. Choose an interesting object in your home to start.
  2. Re-imagine your ordinary object to be a world of its own. Sketch 3 different ideas.
  3. Pick your favorite idea, and make a paper cutout or wire/paperclip figure that matches the scale of your imagined world.
  4.  Use other objects and supplies in your home to make a mini diorama of your imagined world. 
  5. Once you have assembled the diorama, take 3-5 pictures from different angles and perspectives. Zoom out to show the full diorama and zoom in to show close-up views of what the characters are doing. 
  6. Upload your photos and a scan or photo of your drawings to the google classroom.

Prompt of the Day: Post the final picture of your diorama. Write a short description of the world your created and what the characters are doing!