Farming for the Future (K2)

Weekly Outline
W 0: Our Earth
  •  Studio Warm-up 
W 1: Seedlings
W 2: Plants
W 3: Nutrients, Sun, Photosynthesis
  • Choose a space (Setting up the space)
  • Draw the space
  • Labeling
  • Measuring
W 4: Care Vessels
  • Requirements: Draining hole, configuration (hanging, standing)
  • Pattern of the vessel: Systems and layouts
W 5: Plant Care
  • Make your own watering can
W 6:  Pollinators
W 7: Not This but This
  • Rethinking materials

W 8: 

W 9: 

In this Studio, you will explore questions such as: Where does your food come from? How is food grown, and what are the physical, chemical and biological processes that make plant life possible? Are our current methods to produce food sustainable for the future?

You will start this studio by learning the science of plants and our ecosystem. You will debate ethical issues related to food and learn about old and new practices in farming. Your challenge this session is to create a growing system for Eliot, learn what it takes to grow and harvest successfully, and practice responsibility towards our earth and environment.

In the second part of the quest, you will look into the future of farming. What will growing food look like in the next 50 years, and how will you participate and contribute to healthy living and eating for all humans? The knowledge you have gathered during the first part of this quest will help inform designs for a farm of the future. Is it possible to grow your own food to feed your family? What about everyone at Eliot? Or an entire city? Your final challenge will be to present a proposal for a farm taking into account the growing needs of a population, changing climate conditions and new advancements in technology.